Mother’s Day Tea & Coffee Tasting!

Join us Saturday May 11th

Come by Epic Expressions Emporium on Saturday May 11th for our Steepfuze CBD Infused Coffee & Tea Tasting party. We are having a 20% off sale on Botanical Rush CBD face & body care products as well as many other items in our store.

The Epic Last Red Ribbon of the Montrose Chamber…

We were stunned to get an email announcing the end of the Montrose Chamber of Commerce after being in existence for 130 years!

Montrose Chamber of Commerce Closes After 130 Years

Montrose Colorado, April 22, 2019 — It is with great sadness that the Montrose Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors voted unanimously today to permanently end operations as the Montrose Chamber of Commerce, effective May 24, 2019, at 5:00 pm.

This decision came after a 90 minute Board meeting, where the Board discussed the challenges facing the organization historically and currently:

● The dissolution of Montrose ACT (Association of Commerce and Tourism) in 2013 and its supporting revenue structure leading to a dramatic reduction in revenue that the Chamber was never able to fully recreate with a membership model;

● A series of four Executive Directors in four years created the dynamic of shifting priorities that made it difficult to grow the Chamber’s membership base;

Difficulty retaining necessary talent at the staff and board level to sustain a successful organization.

As a result of these and other challenges, the financial models for the Montrose Chamber of Commerce made it impossible to carry on the services of the Chamber without more staff, requiring either a significant increase in members or an alternate revenue model.

Across the country, the Chamber of Commerce model is experiencing a decline in memberships. Business owners can network on LinkedIn and Facebook without leaving their desks. They can choose from thousands of educational opportunities online. While the Chamber offers many benefits unique to local businesses, members must use the benefits to see the results, but business owners are busier than ever.

The desire of the Board of Directors is that the mission and vision of the Chamber of Commerce live on in other community organizations, businesses, and nonprofits. Looking forward to the future, they intend to continue 970Studio and Montrose U, although the organization of these programs will change as the Chamber disbands.

There was a certain surrealism to the announcement and our team was not sure how to feel about being the ‘last’ business to join and do a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. The Chamber of Commerce is an essential part of any town/city across America and reading that social media has pushed many chambers out of existence is very disturbing to us – call us old fashioned but people to people contact is our preference!

After much discussion we decided that having Epic serve as a community hub is going to be essential for our community to be able to deepen our human connections during this time of ‘transition’ that technology has been pushing us through. Here is a screenshot of our Epic Expressions Emporium short lived Chamber of Commerce Membership page. It is sad that technology has replaced the gracious human services that our local Chamber of Commerce provided for our community.

Grand Opening Ceremony!

The Grand Opening Ceremony of Epic Expressions Emporium & Community Hub with the Chamber of Commerce was…well…epic! We had Andre & Ellie from HAPI hemp farm join us on this special Earth Day grand opening to share there knowledge and products with the group of friends who attended the gathering. Thank you so much to all who attended!

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

As a new member of the Montrose Chamber of Commerce we will be having an official Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at 12:30PM on our Grand Opening Day April 22nd.

Opening this new store has been a wonderful process for our team and we hope you can join us for this celebration and ceremony!

Epic Grand Opening

Get ready for the Grand Opening of Epic Expressions! On Monday April 22nd, 2019 at 11AM we open our doors and reveal the new face of our natural merchandise emporium. The Epic team has been working long hours, stocking shelves with quality products, and doing the myriad of other sometimes menial tasks required of a retail store (like climbing ladders to hang the shop banner, which one team member found himself doing – hold onto that ladder!).

During this past month of preparation our network has grown and we have met and formed relationships with many amazing vendors, farms, and farmers. Some will be there on opening day and periodically to educate customers about their products. Keep an eye on the Events Calendar for details on which vendors will be onsite and for information on other upcoming events.

Please note that the shop will normally be closed Sunday and Monday, except for the Grand Opening day on Monday April the 22nd. We look forward to seeing you there!